We're a VEX Robotics team from Mississauga, working from our school of John Fraser Secondary School.

Who We Are

We're the John Fraser Royals, a group of students passionate for robotics, engineering, design, and programming. We compete in the high school VEX Robotics Competition in Ontario every year, constructing and coding a new robot to complete a challenge and compete with other teams across the province. Created in 2017, the club has expanded to include several members split between two teams, 82050A and 82050B.


What we all do

Our Team Roles


Engineers generally design the robot using CAD software such as Fusion 360. They also build the robot.


Programmers generally code all aspects of the robot, such as its controls and autonomous movement.


Strategists generally learn the ins and outs of the competition, creating and sharing strategies to bring the team to victory.


Media members manage all the promotion and marketing, as well as our social media presence.

Team Board


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